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Dale Youngblood took a quiet weekend at home. His search through old boxes of memoirs came across

a photograph of a girlfriend named Diane. Dale heard Diane had died; nevertheless, his feelings for her

were revived.

Dale returned to Diane's hometown to answer some questions and to ease his mind. Dale arrived at the

old address to find Diane's parents Don and Mary Williams still resided there. They are uncertain about

why Dale would return after so many years. Dale spent an evening with Don and Mary. They begin to

have hopes that Dale could help Diane.

Dale meets Doctor Jackson, the psychiatrist that has high expectations Dale could make a difference. Dale

begins to work hard to see if he could get Diane to respond. In time she begins to improve. Doctor Jackson

is overwhelmed and does everything he can to support Dale.

But on the other hand, Don and Mary become suspicious of Dale's intentions. Their suspicions turn into fear,

and then they begin to panic, so they hire an attorney. That forces Doctor Jackson to become a mediator,

which is, just trying to keep the peace.

Through all this Dale meets Janet, a familiar face from his past. Janet becomes a friend, helping Dale to cope

with the difficulties brought on by Don and Mary.

What people are saying about "Lost Love".

I very much enjoyed "Lost Love". The story was intriguing, I connected with the main character, Dale. I did not

expect the surprise ending either, was both sad and happy about the way it ended.

~Jenni Fox~

When you get caught up in "Lost Love" you can't help but wonder what happened to your first love! True to

Life, "Lost Love" is both tragic and hopeful. The courage and vulnerability of the characters will evoke strong

emotions. You will find yourself both captivated by them and rooting for them!

~Beth~Business Owner~

A compelling story that expresses the feelings and emotions of growing up in the middle of parental control. A

story for people that might be interested in learning more about a part of the world outside of the experience

of most.

~Jewel~Program Assistant~

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