Dale rose the next morning to a cloudy day. He turned the television on, to hear the weatherman say. “We are in for rain today.”

Dale walked down to the restaurant for breakfast. While Dale sat looked out the window he become so engrossed in his thoughts. He could not hear the noise in the restaurant. He tried to think of something special to do for Diane. Nothing came to mind. It came time to go. He walked back to the hotel. Got in his car, and drove toward the hospital.

On the way, he saw a shop with stuffed animals in the window. Dale turned the car around. Dale parked in a diagonal parking space in front of the shop. He walked up to the shop and tried the door. The shop had yet to open for the day. Looking in the window, he saw someone inside. Knocking on the window, a girl came to the door.

“Yes, can I help you?”

Dale told her his time was limited, could he buy a stuffed animal from her. The young girl smiled letting him in. He found a small tiger, bought it, thanked the girl, and hurried to his car, hoping not to be late.


When he drove into the parking lot, he saw Don and Mary getting out of their car. He parked next to them, and got out.

“Good morning folks, it is a beautiful morning would you agree.”

Mary answered, “Yes it is and you act like you are feeling well.”

“Yes, I feel much better today. I hope I can make a break through with Diane today.”

“Oh Dale, I keep hoping and praying you will. It is very hard to come down here everyday, with very little happening.”

Don asks, “Can we go in now?”

They entered the secretaries office, Dawn was not there. The door to the doctor’s office was open, they walked in, and Doctor Jackson stood up behind his desk.

“Good morning, glad to see everyone made it this morning. Is everything all right Dale?”

“Yes Doctor, I just had to get away and think.”

“I can understand Dale. Okay, is everyone ready to try again?”

They shook their heads yes. Doctor Jackson walked them down to the viewing room to see if Diane was ready. Diane was sitting at the window. Dale walked around to her door, and went in. He walked over to her, and sat down.

With a smile across his face, Dale said. “Good morning Diane.”

Diane turned her head and smiled at him. Dale was surprised she response so quick. Diane reached over and picked up her pad and pen, wrote down in big letters, GOOD MORNING SWEETHEART. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MORNING. WE SHOULD TAKE A WALK IN THE GARDEN.

Dale stood up, took the pad and pen from Diane. Diane stood Dale took her arm and placed it in his arm, they walked toward the door. Doctor Jackson jumped from his chair saying.

“What in the world is that boy doing?”


Dale returned to his hotel. Lying on the bed, he thought about ways to get Diane to speak to the doctor. He laid there for about an hour. The phone rang,


“Hello Dale, this is Mary, I called to see if you had lunch.”

“I have been lost in thought. Is it lunch time all ready.”

“Come over, and I will fix us some lunch.”

“Okay, I will be there in a few minutes.”

Dale went into the bathroom and washed his face, and out the door, he went.

Dale arrived at the house Mary was about finished making lunch.

“Sit down at the table Dale I will be with you in a minute.”

The table covered with a white tablecloth with two silver candlesticks with white candles, and a basket of flowers.

Dale asks, “The table really looks nice, do you always keep it this way.”

“Oh no, I did it after I came back from the hospital. I do things like that to keep myself busy.”

Dale said, “I thought today was a big move in the right direction.”

Mary placed the sandwiches on the table and sat down.

“Yes, I think so too. I just wish she would see me. I would love to hold her in my arms and kiss her. I see her a few times a week from the viewing room. But I still miss her.”

As Mary was talking, she reached over and put her hand on Dale’s hand. As Dale moves his hand back, he says.

“What do you think about Diane moving down to Florida with me?”

“I could allow that, I would still miss her, but it would not be a helpless feeling of missing her. You could move here then you would be closer to home.”

Dale looked at her a little strange, changing the subject.


Dale woke up when the sun came thought the window. Not realizing where he was. He sat up quickly looking around the room. Seeing the mess in the room, remembered the party. Dale went to the bathroom. When he came out, he started cleaning up the living room. About an hour passed, and Mary came out of her bedroom. When she saw what Dale was doing. She

smiled, asking Dale.

“What are you doing?”

“I am cleaning up.”

“You don’t need to clean up, I will do it later.”

“I wanted to.”

“Okay, you finish in here, and I will start breakfast.”


Mary hugged his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

“For being the person you are.” Mary walked to the kitchen.

A few minutes later Don came out, walked into the kitchen. He kissed Mary on her cheek and poured a cup of coffee.

Dale smiled and said. “Good morning, Don.”

Don just looked at him as he passed on the way to the bathroom to shower and shave.

Dale walked into the kitchen with a few cups and said. “Mary.”

“Yes Dale.”

“Don’s not to friendly in the morning is he.”

Mary laughed, “No Dale, it takes him about an hour to come to life.”


It was a few minutes before one o’clock, when Dale drove into the hospital drive, he saw Doctor Jackson standing at the door, Diane sitting in a wheelchair, and the nurse standing behind the wheelchair. Dale drove up to them, got out of the car.

Dale asks, “Is she ready to go?”

“Yes Dale, she is ready.” Doctor Jackson answered.

Dale opened the door for Diane and the nurse pushed the wheelchair to the car door. Diane stood up, turned and sat down in the car. Dale made sure her seat belt was secure, and she was comfortable before closing the door, turned and looked at Doctor Jackson.

“We will see you at four o’clock.” Dale walked around the car got in and drove away. After Dale drove threw the gate, he asks Diane.

“Well, how do you feel now?”

Diane looked at him for a minute, and said,

“How do you think I feel? In a few hours I will be right back in the loony zoo.”

“Oh yea, I guess you are right, forget the fun we are about to have, and just be angry about going back.”

Diane raised her voice. “Yea, but your not the one that has to go back to that horrible place.”

“But Diane, this is a great start to getting out forever. If you behave yourself, we can do something again in a few days.”

“Dale, you have always amazed me in how you can make a bad situation look good.”

“Yes, the doctor said something about that, when I convinced him to let you go shopping.”

“You are amazing Dale Youngblood.”

Lost Love. Copyright 2009 by Stephen Reid. All rights reserved.

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